Jonothon Starsmore

22 July
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I'm telling you from experience...
Jonothon Evan Starsmore

Fandom: Marvel 616 (X-Men)

Voicemail: BEEP!

Living Arrangements: The Apartment Above the Groovy Tunes. Really. And not at all at never_dull's place. Honest.

Office Hours: Office #7, whenever he feels like it.

Employment: Owner of Groovy Tunes, owner but relative nonentity at The Boards, and on-again off-again teacher at the school.

Autumn 2012 - Living On The Outskirts Class/Syllabus
Spring 2013 - Fandom Invasions Class/Syllabus
Autumn 2013 - Live Entertainment Appreciation Class
Spring 2014 - Coping With Change Class
Summer 1st Term 2014 - Music Appreciation Class with never_dull
Spring 2015 - Powers, Identity and the World: Embracing the Real You Class with angelo_wings
Summer 2nd Term 2015 - Creative Inspirations Class with never_dull
Fall 2015 - Creative Inspirations Class with never_dull
Summer 1st Term 2016 - Music Appreciation Class with never_dull

Mun Email: shannon.perry3d at gmail dot com

Formerly at apocalipped

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In the end, whether your life's defined by hurt or hope is up to you.