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The Dorms Stairwell, After Ariel's Party, Thursday Evening
It was not a common occasion, really, to find Jono in a good mood while he was out in anything remotely resembling public. But, this appeared to be the case. Ariel's party had been a good time, at least by Jonothon's standards, which meant that there was plenty of music and he'd been more or less left to his own business for the evening.

So he was walking up the stairs en route to his room this evening, rather than stalking, loaded up with bags which, in turn, were loaded up with the CDs that he'd been playing at the party.

Not a bad evening at all, no.

[For one, please!]


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Raven was heading up the stairs as well, still unsettled by her conversation with Emma. She'd almost forgotten she was still dressed in the tiny denim skirt and leather top from their rescue of Sookie. She'd managed to clean up most of the blood at least.

"Jono!" she called happily when she saw him up on the stairs above her. She hurried up to reach his side.


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//Raven, yer--// Jono turned around to face her, and promptly forgot what he was going to say.



That was not 'back.' But her front was far more attention-grabbing right now, anyhow.


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"I am very pleased to see you," Raven said, smiling, exhaustion temporarily forgotten.

But his reaction puzzled her. "Is something wrong?"


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He'd manage words in just a bit! Wait and see!

//No, not wrong, really. It's just that...// Oh, how to phrase this? //Well, it being mid-November and all, and...// Really, he knew where he was going with this. Any moment, he'd spit it out. //One would think you might be feeling a bit chill, perhaps.//

It was either that, or, 'that's an interesting look for you.'


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Raven looked down and realized what she was wearing. "Oh," she said, turning crimson as she crossed one arm over her chest. "I had forgotten...I did not have time to change...we had to dress this way so we would fit in at a werewolf bar to find those who had kidnapped Sookie...."

You're babbling, Raven.


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It probably said a good deal about the way the past year had gone for Jono that he didn't even blink at the kidnapping and the werewolf bar bits. Par for the course, by this point, really.

The faint hint of a blush touching his cheeks was new for him, though.

He stepped up to the next floor, if only so that he could set the bags that he was carrying down for a moment, and then proceeded to peel his way out of the t-shirt that he was wearing. He'd managed to keep it mostly dry, and he was well-wrapped underneath, so he didn't really need it.

Even if Raven was ridiculously adorable when she blushed like that. And even if it afforded him an excellent view.

//You all made it back in one piece?//

That was safer conversation, right?


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"Sookie was gravely injured" -- twice, even -- "but she is all right now, and we have brought her back to Fandom," Raven said, almost absently as she watched Jono take off his shirt. "We are all well, though Emma is not pleased with me."


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Jono was even kind enough to give the shirt a little shake to try to get some of the burning-flesh smell out of it before offering it to Raven.

//Emma Grace Frost, unhappy with somebody? I'm shocked. Really.//

No. He wasn't.


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Raven gratefully accepted the shirt and pulled it over her head, not minding any smell because it was Jono-scented, after all. "She took exception to me helping calm Bobby," she said. "And wished to warn me against ever doing the same to you. She seems to think I would hold you back from your true potential."

She really didn't like Emma much.


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This was the same Emma who had temporarily lobotomized him into some sort of sunshine-and-birdies happy idiot, that one time? Really, now...

//I hold myself back from my so-called 'true potential' well enough, there's no need for anybody to worry about someone helping that along,// Jonothon replied with a roll of his eyes and a shake of his head. //Emma's... Emma.//

Which said about everything there was to be said about Emma without going into detail about her role as headmistress of his last school.

//If Sookie got hurt, I can hardly imagine what chaos Bobby was causing. I can't imagine you were acting out of turn, luv.//


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"He could not resume his true form and requested my assistance in calming himself so he could," Raven said. "He asked me, which Emma did not when she entered my mind to halt me." No, she wasn't bitter about that at all, why do you ask? Even if part of her understood why it had been necessary at the time.

She sighed and shook her head. "But we are all back safely, and that is what matters. I hope I did not worry you with my messages but I wanted you to know where I was if you realized I was gone." She didn't really want him to worry, but she wouldn't be able to help being a tiny bit pleased if he had missed her, though.

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Jonothon suddenly found himself doing his level best to keep from smoking through his wrappings, his eyes flickering to white, and then glowing furious orange for a moment before he managed to wrestle them back to white again.

Emma did what?

But very, very carefully, he managed to keep that rage out of his voice when he spoke.

//Thank you for letting me know,// he replied, closing his eyes and trying to fight the whiteness down, too. //I'm glad yer all back in one piece, luv.//


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Raven watched Jono's reaction and decided to keep the rest of what Emma said to herself for now unless he asked. The encounter with her had been unpleasant enough without upsetting Jono as well, and she really couldn't understand why Karla and Sookie were friends with her unless she somehow displayed another side to them.

"I am glad to be back as well," she said. "I do not like having to deal with vampires, and these ones were very cruel, as were the werewolves." At least she had George and Jacob as examples of good werewolves before encountering the redneck ones.

"And I missed you," she added, almost shyly.


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Redneck werewolves. Now there was a terrifying combination, right there.

When Jono opened his eyes again, they were back to normal, and something a little softer had crept into them as well.

//I worried,// he admitted. //Abductions always seem to get complicated, around here. Probably would've given you another day before making my way to Bon Temps, t'be sure.//

Well, he couldn't exactly phone them, and doing more than receiving his text messages required some level of technological prowess that he most thoroughly lacked. And he trusted them enough to at least leave them that window, but a few more days with no word at all?


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Rednecked werewolves named Cooter at that. Sookie's world was so strange.

"I have gone to Bon Temps twice now," Raven said. "And both times I have ended up being required to dress in ways I am not accustomed to. First the orgy, and now this. But I am sorry that I made you worry. You will have to tell me how I can make it up to you." And if that would involve kissing, so much the better.


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//I'm certain I can come up with something,// Jono replied, bemused by the opening that she'd left him. //I'll let you know, if I just so happen to.//

Oh, yes. He'd definitely come up with something.


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The narrative would like to giggle about "opening she'd left him." The narrative is still 12.

"Can I help you take your bags to your room?" she offered. Suddenly showering and resting didn't matter as much.


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//If you'd like,// Jono replied, deliberately picking out the lightest of the bags to hold her way. He'd won this same argument with Ariel earlier this evening, there was no sense in trying to get anything heavier out of him. //My room's not too terribly far from here, at least. Careful you don't step on anything when we get in, though.//

The floor was a bit of a death trap, by this point.


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Raven happily accepted the bag. "Does Joni like to get underfoot?" she said.

She peered into the bag. "What were you doing with all these tonight? Oh, Ariel's party? I am sorry I missed it."


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//Joni, among other things.//

Weeks worth of laundry, magazines, cat toys, homework, CDs, cassettes, records, more CDs for good measure, three guitars, assorted components from George's drum kit...

//It was tonight, but I'm certain Ariel would understand. She had a good turn-out, after all. And helping a friend in trouble is always priority.//


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Be careful, or Raven might try to be helpful and clean. Jono would never be able to find anything again.

"I am glad she had a good party," Raven said, nodding. "We could not leave Bon Temps until after nightfall, for we needed to wait until the vampires woke up. But now that they have revealed their true personalities, I do not think Sookie will want to associate with them anymore, which is a very good thing."


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//They're predators,// Jonothon noted, nodding faintly. //I don't have terrible much experience with them, personally, but I do recall that th'one called Bill came off as a bit of a condescending bugger when we met him.//

... But Jono liked Bubba. Jono would not pass judgment on all of vampire-kind, if only because of Bubba.


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"Bill was working for a vampire queen and deliberately allowed Sookie to become injured so he could save her and gain her trust and form a bond," Raven said solemnly. "Sookie wishes nothing to do with him now, and that is extremely wise of her."

She still felt a twitching need to go back to Bon Temps and teleport him into the sun.


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//... Extremely, yes.//

Jono was feeling a very similar twitching need, but he wouldn't have to teleport anybody anywhere. He had more than enough fire at his disposal to get the job done, if they decided to make the trip.


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He could be her portable sun! They'd make an awesome vampire destroying team.

Or maybe she was just thinking of excuses to take Jono inside her. Not dirty. Maybe.

She tried to shake the unpleasant thoughts away. "I am just glad to be back now. And I am looking forward to Saturday."


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//As am I,// Jono replied, because... Because talking about their date seemed far safer than letting his temper get the better of him. Storming all the way to Bon Temps in order to light fangy people on fire was not the brightest urge he'd ever had. //I have faith that it'll be a good day, regardless of how we spend it.//


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She still hadn't figured out what they might do, but she was planning to call Dinah tomorrow night for advice. "I will attempt to surprise you with what we will do," she said. "But I hope you will enjoy it."