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This Infodump HAS NO CHIN.
HARK! It's an infopost! Because I am a sheep! Moo!

The Newbie: Jonothon Starsmore
Introducing Chamber!

The Canon:
Yes, yet another character from the Marvel 616 continuity. In this case, the Generation X series. Jono is really, really early canon, so far as his personal corner of the universe goes. I'll be bringing him in from issue 8 of GenX, for those of you that means anything to. This means that he's from a glorious era where he's still drawn with burn scars on his face and with no chin under his bandages. Because, you know, there is no chin under those bandages.

... I'll probably crack and use more icons from newer canon within the week anyhow, just watch.

The Character:
Appearance: To look at, Jono is That Guy. The tall (5"9'), slim (140 lbs) one with brown eyes (When they're not totally white) who dresses in entirely too much leather and spends far, far too much time on his chestnut hair. He's one of those goth kids, judging by the fact that he dresses in all black, from toe to... nose. After all, he's missing pretty much everything on the front of him from his upper jaw down to his navel, and nobody really wants to see that, do they? To top it off, his face is covered in scars that run from under his facial wrappings up over his cheeks, even if Marvel gets lazy somewhere around issue 25 and starts drawing him with a chin under the wraps and without the scars. My inner continuity whore weeps.

Under his face and chest wrappings, there's no hideous gore spurting out from that huge hole, just a seemingly boundless supply of bio-psionic energy. Which, as we all know, is... orange and swirly (sometimes blue and swirly) and looks a good deal like fire. His black leather bandages cover that up nicely, even if people do have a funny tendency to yank those off of him with little warning. Poor Jono.

If you're in the same room as him, you'll probably notice that he's got his own special scent to him, too. In canon, people have likened it to burning sulphur, or tires set on fire. What a pleasant personal cologne, hm?

Personality: Jono is about as fun-loving and friendly as you'd expect from a guy who blew half his face and torso off in a freak accident. He'd far sooner sit on the sidelines and glower at people than actually get out and socialize, though he does warm up to those who are persistent. Typically it takes a good smack to the back of the head. He's a cynic at the best of times, and prone to falling for the pretty girls who want to use him, while completely ignoring the reallyreally nice girls with green skin... So yes, he's a tad on the shallow side, too. He doesn't mean to be. He just wants to be accepted by the normal people, again.

Interests include music, playing the electric guitar, football (That's soccer to you people who live in a 'real' timezone), lusting over women who are reallyreallyreally bad for him, ruining relationships that are actually good for him, abusing the word 'plonker,' watching really bad horror movies with his buddy Angelo, and being sullen and emo.

Oh. And he's from London. Which in this case means that he thinks in a nifty accent and he's prone to make snide remarks about anything and everything American. Because he can.

Important Points Regarding his Power:
* Jono is actually incapable of actual vocalization. He has no mouth. He does, however, communicate telepathically. He can talk to you, but he can't hear you thinking back at him. Yet. Maybe someday. Way down the road. If you have blocks up to keep psychics out, this might be problematic. If you're a normal human, congratulations, you'll probably be able to hear his dulcet British tones bouncing around inside of your skull. If you figure he'll have a problem communicating with your character because of some kind of psychic block, poke me and let me know. Likewise, if your character is going to have issues with having a guy talking inside their head, again, please let me know. I'm easy. We can figure something out.

*And if your character can sense auras? Jono's is massive. Feel free to have anyone who is sensitive to that kind of thing pick up on it and notice. It would be hard to miss, really. Of course, humans, unless you're sensitive to auras, you'd have no clue.

*And then there's the whole bio-nuclear psionic furnace thing. It sort of stands out when he's not wearing his wrappings. It's also powerful. Very muchso. If anyone has a plot where they need something to get blown up in a big way, Jono can help with that.

The Prince of Cats: Tybalt Capulet
Tybalt is...

* A bitch. A big, flouncing bitch.
* ... Who speaks in Elizabethan tongue.
* ... And who absolutely refuses to change that fact. This means that he is sometimes quite difficult to ping, and so I'm less likely to just toss him out into common rooms and such. That said, if you want to play with him, poke me, and I'll be happy to put him somewhere, anytime. :)
* Has chalked up most of Fandom's weirdness to some sort of waking madness. He's delusional, yes, that has to be it. Being crazy is so much easier than accepting that Fandom is real.
* He has a thing for gingers! And he's stubborn! And he's never, ever, ever going to score with Jean Grey anyhow, is he?
* Pre-canon. He knows Romeo's name. He doesn't know about him making time with his cousin Juliet, yet.
* I would like to ask people to give me a heads-up if any of their characters are planning on mentioning the fact that a certain Montague was a student on the island for a while, so that I can avoid pointless bloodshed in the streets. Tybalt is violent, but it's easy enough to reign in if I have some warning about that "M" word popping up.
* And if you want his original infopost, you can see it over here.

The Puppy: Zack Fair
Zack is...

* Adorable and bouncy and also adorable.
* Pre-canon, and will be living out his canon during his time in FH. Yes. All of it.
* Probably the only character I will ever play who believes in the healing powers of the human heart, and sunshine and lollipops and rainbows and all of that junk.
* A guy with eyes so blue, they might as well be luminescent. This blue does not exist in nature. Really. Well, maybe the sky. This is very noticeable, yes.
* The owner of a rather large sword. But not the iconic rather large sword. Just yet.
* Made of UST. Made of it. With everyone he talks to. Ever. It's canon.
* Oddly prone to befriending everyone he meets. Everyone. He loves you alllll.
* From another world, yes, but that other world is surprisingly modern, monsters and magic aside.
* A GaryStu in the worst way. The worst way ever. And yes, I admit that. Heck, so does Square-Enix.
* The Important Part is Here: If you happen to be one of the people in-game who either already knows or stumbles across the details of Zack's future, I would appreciate so very much if you don't spoil him about it. He knows about the state of Midgar in several years time, he's been told. But if you tell him about his personal fate, I will personally hunt you down and beat on you with sticks. Along the same line, if you know, please don't run around broadcasting that information to other characters unless you get the permission of both myself and the player of the character you're blabbing to. If your character does know for some reason, pleasepleaseplease e-mail me or ping me on AIM so that we can work around it. Thank you.
* And if you want his original infopost, you can see it over here.

The Alumni: Reno
Reno is....

* A natural ginger. No, really. The blue in his eyes is less natural, however.
* The fastest of the Turks. Blink and you miss him.
* The go-to guy if you're a rookie and you need someone to take you under his wing.
* Hot. And he knows it.
* That guy with the speech tic that has him saying "yo" and variations of it after almost everything he says.
* That guy with the face tattoos. The red things, under his eyes. He has other ink, which he got since coming to Fandom. The sun on his bicep, and the baby chocobo with a bottle of mezcal on his butt, however, aren't nearly as obvious as those ones on his face.
* Trouble. And he knows it.
* Guilty. This is not a running theme, dammit. His world was almost obliterated, and he was among the obliterators. So he has his reasons. More recently, it's because he knows stuff about Zack that other people don't. Emo emo emo woe yadda yadda.
* The owner of a dumbass ferret named Mako.
* A helicopter pilot, and damn proud of it.
* Rikku's boyfriend.
* A total dipshit when he wants to be. A total hardass when he needs to be. And a professional asshole.
* A wee bit of an AU thanks to a movie that retconned itself. Thanks for that Advent Children remake, Square-Enix.
* Living in a city called Edge on the planet of Gaia, doing freelance work for the World Regenesis Organization.
* And if you want his original infopost, it can be found over here.

The Teacher: Nathan Algren
Algren is...

* Formerly the teacher of American History and Culture Shock. This term, he's teaching SEX THRU THE AGES (dun dun dunnn) with Kirk. I predict his brains will explode.
* Tom Cruise.
* A man who is constantly reminding himself how seriously misplaced he is, here.
* ... Still a drunk, though less than before his trip to Japan.
* Gremlin bait.
* Oddly prone to befriending the most eccentric individuals he meets.
* Guilty guilty guilty.
* Bitter bitter bitter.
* In his mid-to-late 30s, though he looks older. Because he is still Tom Cruise, who is in his 40s umkay. Attractive. Even if he is scruffy. Tired.
* From the year 1876 1877. Which he will inform you at every possible opportunity.
* A veteran of the American Civil War. He wears his blue uniform around from time to time. Because it's one of about three outfits he has to his name.
* A cunning linguist. He blabbers on in fluent Blackfoot. Or, he would, if there was anyone around who knew Blackfoot to listen. He also speaks fluent Japanese. That part is new.
* An effin' Samurai.
* And if you want his original infopost, you can see it over here.

The Mun: A Weirdo
Shannon is...

* The mun formerly known as iBook/Macbeef/Macbeth.
* Playing a character from Marvel 616 OMG SAVE ME.
* The sort who probably has a type. If so, it is apparently "Male." Or, better yet, "Male and tortured and in denial about it la la la la la denial is pretty!" Or, lately, "Male, tortured, and with some kind of tie to a government organization of some sort."
* Lives on the East coast of Canada! In that magical time zone that America doesn't actually have. Which means I go to bed about an hour or so before a large chunk of the game does, and possibly before some people on the West coast even get home from work.
* And so slowplay is love, always.
* Job hunting. Again. Still without a permanent address. The state of floating between lives kind of means that availability may change from "I have no life" to "I'll be gone for a few days." I'll leave heads-up if my current state of "I have no life" changes, of course.
* Can be reached on AIM at raspberryturk or soldierhonour, with that 'U' in there because I am Canadian, dangit. *Hugs a moose.*
* Does not say it like "Aboot." ... Though she is starting to pick up on the Maritime accent, so "Aboat" is a vague possibility.
* Does, however, say "Eh." Often. And "Yo," but I blame that on Reno.
* Loves meeting people! If you ever want to thread or plot, ping me. I don't bite. :)


2009-08-27 04:04 am (UTC) (Link)

(That's soccer to you people who live in a 'real' timezone)

Hey now. Soccer is the football I recognize.

Also I love your subject line to little bits and pieces.


2009-08-27 04:11 am (UTC) (Link)

Yay, ball-related game played with your feet!

And I'm going to have way, way too much fun with Jono, I'm thinking, if the subject line has anything to do with it.


2009-08-27 04:15 am (UTC) (Link)

Oh dear, Raven's going to be on Jono like white on rice, I think, wanting to try to heal him. ;)


2009-08-27 04:18 am (UTC) (Link)

... Clearly, this has to happen.

It would weird the heck out of Jono. :D


2009-08-27 04:23 am (UTC) (Link)

Hahaha, excellent!

She can at least clear up the scars if you decide to crack and go with icons from the scarless canon. If, unlike Marvel, you care to explain the difference. ;)


2009-08-27 04:26 am (UTC) (Link)

Marvel and continuity do not good bedmates make, alas.

I'll probably crack soon enough. It'll take about as long as it takes for me to crack and get myself more icon slots, I figure. ;)


2009-08-27 12:32 pm (UTC) (Link)

Tara will NOT stop staring at that aura.

She might not even notice he has no chin.


2009-08-27 12:40 pm (UTC) (Link)

It's psychedelic! In Technicolour!

He'd be all the rage at aura-sensitive college parties where people are using substances of questionable legality. Just sayin'.


2009-08-27 04:37 pm (UTC) (Link)

Karla will be there, too. "What the Hell is wrong with your psychic scent?!"


2009-08-27 04:42 pm (UTC) (Link)

It's insaaaane! Insaaaaaane!

People boggling, Jono is totally expecting. People boggling over something that even he can't see? That amuses me so, so much. <3