In Bed
Jonothon Starsmore furnaceface
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Room 408, Wednesday Night
Satisfied that everyone had survived their little escapade into the frozen wilds to rescue Bobby and battle trolls, Jono had given in to his fatigue and collapsed face-first on his bed, his bandages wound haphazardly over the worst of the flames to keep them from being too obvious as he'd made his way up to his room.

And there, he'd passed out for the better chunk of the evening and on into the night, before his eyes flicked open and he sat bolt-upright, burying what was left of his face in one hand and mentally cursing.

//Why th'bloody hell didn't I ask him where I could find a pair of trousers like those ones?!//

He'd be kicking himself for that slip for the rest of his days. He needed to get a pair for Ben, after all.

[Establishy linkdroppy la? Open for interaction if you don't mind sloooooowplay, as I'm headed to bed in maybe half an hour, but it amused me, and so I had to.]