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By the Lake at Kellerman's, Thursday Afternoon
What Jonothon knew about canoeing could be summed up in very few words: There is a boat. There are paddles. Somehow, you use one in order to propel the other, and pray you don't fall in.

Not that he was particularly worried about falling in. Fears of drowning were pretty much obliterated along with his need to breathe. And anyhow, there were lifejackets. Lifejackets which, he had to note, looked absolutely ridiculous.

//The bright orange'll be a good look on yer, luv,// he mused, leaning over the edge of the wharf to peer into the canoe.

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//Absolutely,// Jono agreed, as if he was duty-bound to do so. It was a very solemn decision that he'd just come to now. Really. //Someone has to be around to laugh when yer get yerself covered in melted marshmallow and chocolate.//

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"You forgot to mention the graham cracker crumbs," Didi said, equally serious. "They're key to the gestalt, right? Otherwise all you have is sugar."


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//Of course. At least with the graham, yer can pretend that yer eating a health food.//

Because graham crackers were totally healthy! Really!


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"The guy who invented them thought they were one," Didi informed him. "But it was the 19th century. If it didn't have gravy on it, it was healthy."


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//Eating healthy is entirely overrated,// Jonothon decided. Because, as a guy who couldn't eat anything anymore, he was quite qualified to make such decisions. //Which, I suppose, makes it sound as though I'm sayin' that everything ought to have gravy on it.//

... Yes. Even s'mores.


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"A little, but you're English," Didi said. "It's, y'know, expected that you'll think everything has to swim in gravy."


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Jono would have sniffed in fake indignation if only he had lungs to assist him in that whole 'sniffing' part.

//Dinner wasn't ready until it was floating across th'plate. It's true.//

Wasn't that how it was supposed to be?


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"That makes me picture crackers and herbs, bobbing away to their doom," Didi said, with mock sadness.


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//Delicious doom,// Jono replied, pointedly.

And now he was... well, not hungry. He couldn't feel hunger anymore, or much of anything, really. But he wanted to eat, dammit.

//I suppose this means that I'll just have to cook for yer, sometime.//

He'd draft someone with a tongue to stand around and taste things as he went, so that he wouldn't accidentally assault Didi with too much or too little of any sort of spice.


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Didi twirled a strand of hair. "Can you?" she asked. "I mean, I'd love it if you really want to, but it seems sort of cruel to make you do it."


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//I offered,// he pointed out, lifting a shoulder slightly. Shrug. //I wasn't a terrible cook, before. And I understand that most people still need to eat, Didi. Yer wouldn't be makin' me do anything I don't want to.//

When you can't eat, feed people. It seemed like sound logic to Jonothon, at least. He did it back at the academy, too, giving slices of apple to Penance, who had seemed to enjoy them.


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"I know you offered." She just didn't think offering necessarily meant wanting to do something.

She shrugged back at him. "If you want to, sure. I'll eat about anything." A pause. "Not that what you make won't be good."

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//It kind of... makes up for...// He waved a hand about, because he was so very articulate. //I like doin' it. Promise.//

Really, feeding people didn't get weird until they realized that he couldn't eat too, and they started to feel bad about it.



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The problem was that Didi was already feeling bad, so she was at that weird part.

Still. "I'm holding you to that promise," she announced, and leaned over the side of the boat to trail her fingers in the water.

Cold. Not that she showed it.


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//Yer won't be disappointed, then,// Jonothon decided, giving a firm sort of nod as though it would cement the whole point. And then dipping his own fingers into the water.

He kind of wrinkled his nose a little at that.

//Definitely October, isn't it?//

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