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Room 408, Sunday, Late Afternoon
Okay, Jonothon had done his socialization for the day. Gotten out of the room, properly traumatized the teammate by introducing her to an X-Man who was more than a few years younger than she'd figured he'd be. Given dirty looks to the food at the brunch.

It was time to skulk back to his room, pull out his guitar, and play music. Whatever the hell he felt like playing at the time, which, if you asked him, was what being a musician was really all about.

And today, he was even going to leave the door open, in case anybody cared to listen. See? He could be social even when he was being completely antisocial, too.

[Open room, open post, mmm, guitar.]


2009-10-05 01:12 am (UTC) (Link)

Familiar enough that Jono would have laughed aloud if he'd been able, giving his head a bemused sort of shake before he joined in almost immediately.

Of course he knew AC/DC. What kind of rock and roll fan would he be if he didn't know AC/DC?

And bloody fun to play along with, even when there was a violin in the mix. Jonothon definitely approved.


2009-10-05 01:25 am (UTC) (Link)

Eliot smiled and added a few layers, instruments he wasn't playing at the moment but that didn't mean he couldn't add them to the song. How he did it, and how he played that many notes at the same time, well... you don't want know.

Suffice to say that he could. and that there seemed to be a cackling demonic chorus along for the ride, their voices just under the hum of the music.


2009-10-05 02:00 am (UTC) (Link)

At this rate, Jono was going to feel inadequate with his guitar.

But he played as though he was along for the ride as well, letting Eliot's music take front and centre while he picked out what was familiar, and played along with the new undertones as though they were telling him what to play all along.

He wasn't lead guitar, here. He was another voice in the choir. And he was pretty certain that he was fine with that.