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Jono's Office Hours, Wednesday
Jono had roughly umpteen things that still needed to be done in preparation for the wedding, but that didn't mean he was going to ignore his other responsibilities while he was at it. He hadn't held proper office hours yet this semester, after all, and while his current class required less in the way of paperwork and handouts and whatnot, sometimes it helped in the thinking process to put himself somewhere that at least felt a little bit on the official side.

Which was why he was in his office at the school today, squinting at a computer screen, acknowledging that he more or less knew how to use the bloody thing in order to look up music on YouTube. He could just as easily go do this at the Groovy Tunes, he knew, but so far the computer in his office was far less, er, moody than the stereo at the music shop.

So Office #7 today had some music going on at a volume that was somewhat more reasonable than usual. Various kinds of somewhat modern music, in fact. Not just Pearl Jam.

... Also occasionally Pearl Jam.

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