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Hannibal's House (That Jono has Basically Moved Into), Thursday Afternoon
It was a quiet day, so far. Nothing had really struck Jono as 'off' when he'd woken up that morning, and he'd done his daily routine more or less as usual. A jog, play with the cats, read some of a book he'd been working through, work on a lesson plan for the students back in New York, wind down a bit with his guitar. The usual.

It was while he was in the middle of that last one when he felt it. As the first person on the island who had come across Alluka and Nanika both, he always sort of had one psionic ear out for them. He'd promised Alluka that all she needed to do was think for him very loudly if she needed anything at all and he'd come running.

So the moments of distress weren't lost upon him. And they could have meant anything from a bad dream to a stubbed toe, so he tended to take them with a grain of salt. But when distress shifted into acceptance, and then into complete silence...

Jono's eyes went wide and his hands fell away from his guitar mid-song.



Hannibal looked up from his book, his gaze sharp at Jono's tone. "Something's wrong?"


Jono turned those wide eyes toward Hannibal, hands shaking a little as he reached up to remove his guitar strap from around his shoulder.

//She's gone,// he said, with some strange mix of conviction and terror in his tone. //She was upset, and then she was gone.//


Hannibal frowned, put his book down, and came over to put a hand on Jono's shoulder. "Not dead; unconscious?"


//Unconscious,// Jono confirmed. //But then just... gone. Even unconscious people have some sort of psionic signature to grasp onto. Hers is just... gone.//

He reached up to give Hannibal's hand a brief squeeze, and then started to make his way to the door.

He said he'd come running.

He said.

//Her family, perhaps, finally figured out where she got off to. Or somebody who knows what Nanika is capable of. Or...// He stopped in his tracks and turned to look at Hannibal again. //I don't know where they went. A whole multiverse out there, and I don't know where her family is from.//


"They have to have gotten here and gotten her out somehow," Hannibal said. "Does her world have a method of its own for doing that?"


//None that I'm aware of,// Jono replied. //But I know only what Alluka's told me.//

He didn't figure he needed to spell out the fact that she'd been somewhat sheltered.

//She arrived on the island because of a surprise portal, but it seemed like an oddity to even her. For all I know, whoever took her can punch holes in spacetime.// A beat. //Or they just grabbed a portal.//


"Why don't we check the obvious first?" Hannibal suggested. "Let's pay a visit to Portalocity."


Jono gave a little nod of his head, still visibly shaken. Kidnappings like this had always been a little easier to bear when he couldn't actually feel them happening.

And when they didn't involve people who called him 'Papa.'

//Right. Portalocity.// He actually managed to pause long enough to remember to pull on his boots, then. //... You do the talking.//

They liked Hannibal, for some reason. Jono was not above taking full advantage of that.


More like they were politely terrified of him. Maybe they read the news from his world?

Whatever the reason, he wasn't above taking full advantage of it, either, so he just nodded and fetched their coats.

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