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Announcement- Around Town, In the Mail, However Else, Sunday
One thing Jono could say for the multiverse? When you placed a printing order from a place that moved quickly, you got your order quickly, too. So now, even if they had forgotten to bribe the squirrels not to spill the beans last night (oops), Jono and Hannibal had a large stack of fancy engagement announcements. Still useful, at least, since most of the people they figured would care about this sort of thing didn't live on the island anyway.


Jono was a bad judge of who might care and who might not. Which was why he was tucking a large portion of the printouts into envelopes and sending them out to people he and Hannibal knew across the multiverse at large, and why he was also seeking out bulletin boards around town, tacking up a few here and there.

There. Mission accomplished. Announcement made. Now Jono was going to dust off his hands and head home to see if Hannibal was making any progress getting this thing posted online.

[OOC: Poster text: Hannibal Lecter and Jonothon Evan Starsmore Announce Their Engagement to be Married. (date to be announced). These two don't mince words. If you want to have gotten one of these in the mail, congratulations, you did! Open if you want to catch Jono while he's hanging posters, if your character caught this on the Twitters or the Facebooks, or if your multiversal mail carrier works on Sundays and you want to phone or text or whatever, sure!]