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Infopost Time? Infopost Time!
Gonna do the point-form infopost thing while the thinging is... something! Hi!

Exhibit One: Mabel Pines

Mabel is....

* Her name is Mabel.
* It rhymes with table.
* It also rhymes with glable.
* It also rhymes with... schmabel?
* She's my second-ever girl character here, from Disney's Gravity Falls. Her brother, buzzkillcaptain, is running around the island somewhere or other, too.
* Together, they are the Mystery Twins!
* Yes, Mabel came up with the name.
* She likes puppies, knitting her own sweaters, arts and crafts, kitties, glitter, bedazzling anything she possibly can, singing karaoke, shameless 80s and 90s nostalgia, dancing, making friends, adventure, grappling hooks, boys, her pet pig Waddles, sunshine, and joy.
* She'll be moving in with that_oldsaying this semester, because they are bestie dorks together and the chaos will be glorious.
* She's from post-canon, which is going to be an interesting trick, since canon isn't finished yet. As a result, she and her brother can only actually REMEMBER up to mid-season-two, the Big Reveal episode. Everything else will be coming to them in fits and starts, eventually.
* We're totally prepared to get So Jossed.
* She will never let her brother live down that one time he raised the dead.

Exhibit Two: Elsa of Arendelle

Elsa is....

* From Disney's Frozen.
* She's seriously the first girl I've ever apped into this game. Which is still weird. I ALMOST made it to ten years, see?
* And not only is she a girl, but she's also a princess. The username is misleading, but iceolatedprincess wouldn't fit and she's a queen for most of her canon.
* She's from Disney, though, so at least I'm not completely breaking type.
* Just returning to the island from a hiatus visit to Arendelle because animation ate my soul she missed her sister.
* She's got powers that she's been hiding for most of her life, too, so if you doubted at all that she was mine, well...
* She came to Fandom in the wake of a family tragedy, leaving a younger sister and a kingdom she's still too young to rule behind her.
* And yes, this is entirely in order to keep those crazy ice powers of hers a secret from her sister.
* How crazy are they? Well, she's capable of building a giant ice palace out of thin air, accidentally plunging her kingdom into eternal two-day winter, and creating sentient life out of snow. She doesn't know any of these things yet.
* She might or might not find out about her ability to do things on par with the first during her stay on the island. She won't be plunging the place into winter, though.
* She's always wearing either a pair of gloves, or two bracelets that kind of look like they belong to a Fitbit. Her boyfriend, notaweenie, made them for her. They help keep her powers in check.
* And she will not, will not let just anybody touch her. She hides her powers not because she's afraid of what will happen to herself, but almost completely because she's afraid of hurting the people around her.
* Childhood trauma. See? Still mine.
* Apparently can accidentally create sentient life by sneezing. Thanks for that, Disney.
* She has a big little puppy named Canute courtesy of nobloodymessiah and fly_so_serious. The big little puppy is just going to get bigger, because malamute.
* And, as an added bonus, she's got a fantastic singing voice. Because Idina Menzel.

Exhibit Three: Jonothon Starsmore

[FREAKING AWESOME gif by this guy over here!]
Jono is...

* Another guy with powers from the Marvel 616 universe. Once upon a time, that used to be my type. He's from a good chunk of X-Men related books, starting with Generation X, moving along into Uncanny X-Men, and settling lately in Wolverine & the X-Men. Currently, he's from just before Marvel's Avengers Vs. X-Men event, which was... definitely a thing that happened.
* Pseudo-owner of the Boards, the theatre in town, though he's passed managerial duties on to bluhblahbluh. Owner and manager of Groovy Tunes, the music store, which he has an apartment above that he doesn't really live in anymore.
* He'll be co-teaching a class about inspiration and creativity with his partner never_dull this semester. He's kind of a sucker for teaching, really. He likes it better than wearing an X.
* He knows music. He knows music better than you. All the music. All of it.
* He also speaks with a British accent that has mellowed out some after nearly a decade spent in America. I have decided that it gets more Cockney the drunker he gets (riding other people's buzz telepathically, of course).
* Perpetually on fire from the mouth to the bellybutton. He has some pretty nasty burn scars on his face to go with that, but the fire, at least, he tends to cover up with leather wrappings while he's on the island. Off-island or when he's feeling especially brave lately, he's taken to going around without the bandages on. Let that freak flag fly, Jono!
* The fire means, unfortunately, that he can't eat. Can't speak aloud. Can't kiss. He makes up for the not talking thing by speaking telepathically. With a British accent. Snarkily.
* He uses crazy quotation marks to denote that he's talking telepathically. I can't be bothered to italicize everything or put it into his comic book teal font colour, so I just write his text //like this.//
* Far more of a woobie than he'll ever let on. Honest.
* He has a bit of an aura. You know. One of those huge, sprawling, technicolour ones, which you're welcome to see if you have a character who is aura-sensitive.
* And he's kinda stinky. That sort of 'burning tires' smell that you'd expect from a dude who has been on fire for pretty much a third of his life.
* He doesn't much look like a guy that's pushing thirty, these days, or even a guy who has two extra lifetimes crammed into his mind so that he feels about twice that. Age of X went and gave him a(nother) physical reboot, so he looks like he's plunking around in a body that's somewhere in its early twenties. He used to be the huge blue guy over at apocalipped.
* At least this means he gets to wear his leather again. He probably owns more leather than an entire chapter of the Hell's Angels.

Exhibit Four: Sparkle

Sparkle is....

* The only person in this entire post not currently owned by Disney.
* The ONLY person in this entire post not currently owned by Disney.
* He's from a canon you probably don't know by the name of Habitat. It's a play written by the Canadian playwright, Judith Thompson.
* This also makes him my only character that is blatantly Canadian. Yes, I have fun with this. Yes, he bitches about the imperial measurement system and the lack of Coke with sugar in it a lot.
* He likes singing loudly, lying blatantly, smoking, drinking, doing pot, breaking into people's homes and stealing useless crap, lighting things on fire...
* Sparkle has problems. Perhaps you could tell.
* This is because he came directly to the island from a group home in Toronto, after a pretty rough life beforehand. You will never get to learn much about that life beforehand, except that it sucked, and he's not a stranger to sitting on the wrong side of the law or living on the street.
* This is because of that lying blatantly part. One minute, he'll tell you he killed his parents, the next he'll make up some elaborate story about domestic abuse that might or might not be the whole truth. He will almost always end up laughing in your face if you act like you believe him.
* He cares more about how his nails look than you do. Trust me.
* And he's gay. And has this tendency to fall for people that he really shouldn't fall for. He will deny both things vehemently. Unless he's fallen for you, in which case there will be some measure of obsessing.
* He also likes older men. This... hasn't worked out for him so well, recently.
* He probably will try to steal your useless crap at some point, though. Unless he likes you, then he'll probably just implicate you as an accomplice. Sorry, suitablyheroic.
* He's just been through... most of canon, back home in Toronto. He literally has only one page of it left. Which I'll get to. At a time. That is probably soon.

Exhibit Five: Me!

Shannon is...

* That would be me, Shannon, collector of super-powered social rejects, wearer of mismatched socks, supervisor of animated vomit.
* Included on that list of people currently owned by Disney, yes.
* Lives on the East Coast of Canada, in that weird Atlantic timezone that most of you deny is a real thing.
* Works in the animation industry! I've done outsource work on stuff for the BBC and WB. Right now, there's that mouse? Yeah, he's got our studio doing a thing.
* Yeah, I'm still awestruck about that. People see animation I made on Saturday mornings and I CANNOT DEAL.
* Are Saturday morning cartoons even still a thing? I'm old.
* This also means that my availability is prone to shift around according to what madness lies in wait for me over in the animation mines. The Mouse has us on a tight 'no internet' contract, so my pinging is all evenings and weekends, though I do check my e-mail through the day. (I kind of need to. I'm a supervisor.)
* Is totally a Muppet.
* Does not say it like "Aboot" and doubts that any actual Canadian really does... Though she has in the past sixyears managed to pick up a disturbingly thick Maritime accent, so "Aboat" is a definite possibility.
* Loves meeting people! If you ever want to thread or plot, ping me. I can be reached on AIM via raspberryturk, twitter at shammens, and e-mail at shannon.perry3d (at) gmail (dot) com.
* I don't actually do 3D animation, though. That's just what I went to school for. THE ANIMATION INDUSTRY, FOLKS.
* Careful, I bite.
* Not really.


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