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Hannibal's House, Sunday Afternoon
Jono didn't want to get up. Oh, he had spent most of Saturday thinking about it, about maybe going to feed the cats or perhaps try to play guitar or something. To do something productive with himself. Except with the way the island's collective psyche was beating down on his head now, even the thought of leaving the room seemed daunting.

He had accomplished sitting up. Sitting up was one hell of a thing to accomplish, when the world felt like it was drifting away and crushing down on top of you all at once, wasn't it? And hell, he was even looking at the door, which seemed miles from the bed, halfheartedly willing it to come closer.

But no. That didn't seem to be working.

What was much closer still was hanging from a chain around his neck, and after a few minutes of just willing himself to lift his hand, Jono's fingers closed around the little vial. Everything out here in the real world was too heavy right now. He'd face it in a minute. But first... first he just needed to take another breath. He just needed to feel alive again, even if it was only for a few moments.

And if it was all in his head, what did it matter? When you were a telepath, that was probably all that mattered anyway, wasn't it?

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Hannibal was becoming increasingly concerned about Jono. And increasingly put out by whatever it was that was doing this to him. It was all well and good to say that sleep would help, but if Jono had spent even an hour at a stretch actually sleeping, Hannibal would...well, it didn't matter, because it wasn't true.

So, Hannibal had been reduced to this - a plate of fish and chips that were probably almost greasy enough for Jono, the entire catalogues of Metallica and Pearl Jam for Jono to explain to him, and one very squirmy kitten (and cat treats, but he wouldn't be giving her those.

One way or another, he would be coaxing Jono into doing something.


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His head hurt... marginally less by the time Hannibal made it into the room. And he'd tucked away the vial as he heard the feet on the stairs, afraid that Hannibal might take it away from him. He wasn't certain quite why he thought that, but then again, focus was hard. His mind was fogged with that weird semi-detached feeling that he'd been nursing after every time he'd held the vial near his face. Things seemed... lighter, like his brain was somewhere far away and floating while his mind tried to cling to the last vestiges of fresh air and sunshine that he'd breathed in.

His eyes were milk-white as he looked at the doorway. Maybe he didn't have enough focus to let himself look that normal right then. Or maybe it was that it was the easiest way to hide that his eyes weren't falling into focus right away in the first place.


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Whatever it was, Hannibal was making note of it. Not saying anything or looking even remotely critical, but noting it.

"It's time for lunch," he declared. "I'd decided a treat was in order, but since the mountain isn't leaving bed, Mohammed will have to come upstairs." He set his tray on the nightstand and pulled out the lap table. "Also, if you would distract Joni with these," he set the bag of treats in Jono's lap, followed by the wiggleworm herself, "I might actually be able to eat."

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There were tiny claws in his lap, and then a kitten plodding about, sniffing down at the treats. It took Jono a moment to react, to blink down at her as though just realizing she was there. But once he did, he seemed to at least come a little more into his right mind, reaching down to give her a scratch behind the ears.

She was a good girl. She was his good little girl.

//Fish and... chips...?// His voice sounded a little more hollow than usual, and each word took some work to piece together. He felt a bit like he did back when his powers were new, needing to gather his wits about him just to piece together more words. //What's the... occasion?//

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Hannibal sat next to Jono and pulled the table over, along with the remote for the stereo system. "The occasion is that I'm worried about you. And since you seem unable to sleep, I thought I might make staying up a bit more pleasant." There was beer to go with the fish, and he took a sip, sharing the taste.

"Also, we never have gotten around to you playing most of your Pearl Jam and Metallica for me and explaining it, and this seemed like a good opportunity."He handed Jono the remote. "Where shall we start?"


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It took Jono a few moments to actually manage to tap into Hannibal's senses, and by that point he was really only getting aftertaste, at least for that particular mouthful. It was disconcerting, like waking up to find the entire world shunted into greyscale, but he added that to the list of things that were probably better off not being mentioned. Once he had a moment alone, it wouldn't matter. The whole world could be right and vivid again for a few minutes more.

//How far did... we get before...? Not... not very?//

He took the remote in the hand that wasn't idly taking treats out of the bag to bribe Joni with.

//Can't seem... t'think back that far.//


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None of this was doing much for Hannibal's content. Whatever it was that was doing this to Jono, something - or someone - would be paying for it.

"I don't think we've more than touched on Pearl Jam," he said mildly. "Why not start there, with whatever you think I ought to know?"


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Right... Pearl Jam. Jono liked Pearl Jam. At some of his lowers points, it was their music that had pulled him through, courtesy of... Eddie... Vedder. And Mike... whatsisname.

Probably didn't matter. Somebody who played guitar. Jono's brows furrowed a little as he hit play.

Yeah, this was going to go well.

//... Vs. Album?//

This was something he probably shouldn't have had to ask about. It wasn't as though every Pearl Jam album started with GO.


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"If you like." Hannibal listened for a moment. "Where does this come in their body of work?" He cut one of the chips and speared one bit neatly before eating it.

Was it silly to eat chips like this? Very likely. Was he doing it only to get a rise out of Jono? Even more likely.


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Oh, Jono saw what you were doing there, Hannibal, and he managed to even work up the energy to wrinkle his nose at you for it. Only you ate chips like that, didn't you?

//Ridiculous,// he offered, mostly because he thought maybe that was the response Hannibal was aiming for. //And this was their... second album. I like... Daughter. And Indifference.//

Indifference would be speaking to him a lot right now, not going to lie.


2015-03-22 09:46 pm (UTC) (Link)

"What about those two speaks to you?" Hannibal asked. He took a bite of fish; he may have focused on savoring the flavor a bit more than the grease, but it was all there.


2015-03-22 09:58 pm (UTC) (Link)

//Daughter is...// Jono took a moment to gather words, gather thoughts. Maybe he was trying to process the flavour of the fish. He was sure it was excellent. He was certain it wasn't as bland as he was imagining. Hannibal was better at cooking than that. //Angry... It's... an angry song. About...// He winced. //Child abuse.//

Fantastic. Why was it so much easier to focus on that as a topic than the fact that he liked the song?

//I could relate. Same with... Indifference. It's... about trying... to make a difference... even if you're going through hell...//


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Hannibal was much better at cooking, yes! And would be rather affronted if anyone called his food "bland".

He nodded. "The lyrics, then. What about the music - do they speak to you the most musically as well?"


2015-03-22 10:18 pm (UTC) (Link)

//I...// Jono glanced down at Joni as she placed a begging paw on his arm. Clearly he wasn't feeding her the treats quickly enough.

Truthfully, he'd forgotten they were there.

//... Not the most. Not... necessarily. I like Hold On for that. It's simple... but less... overpowering?//

He glanced up again to see if that was a good answer, or if perhaps his choice was disqualified for being a bonus track demo that was slightly repetitive and mostly just guitar.


2015-03-22 10:24 pm (UTC) (Link)

Hannibal nodded. "Shall we listen to that one, then?"

At this rate, Hannibal was going to pick an argument just to get Jono to have an opinion, if he had to.

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