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Jono's Room, The Apartment Above the Groovy Tunes, Saturday Morning
Yesterday, there had been some travel to Fandom going on. After all, with Karla attending the faculty meeting at the school (and Julian and Morton being the most paranoid people that Jonothon had ever met), she needed some manner of accompaniment to the island. Even if Jono immediately took off upon arrival to do other things, because, hello, Karla was capable of not getting herself killed. She was a grown bloody woman, after all.

And a biter.

And after the meeting, Jonothon and Raven had both decided to stick around on the island. Jono had to work Saturday morning, and there just didn't seem to be much of a point in doing too much excess travel, besides. He and Raven had gotten to talking while Karla had been in the meeting, and one thing led to another the way it sometimes did, and, well...

The next morning, it wasn't the fact that he was laying naked next to somebody that woke him up, or even the fact that he was handcuffed to the headboard. He didn't have some great 'I don't know who I am' revelation immediately, either. Mostly he was just annoyed at whoever owned the woebegone cat who was on the other side of the bedroom door, exiled to the hallway and so very upset that she hadn't been let inside to visit just yet.

The rest would come soon enough.

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Joni's plaintive mews had awoken Raven as well, but she was loathe to open her eyes. She was too comfortable now, warm and snuggled against someone in bed. Her own identity wasn't a big concern to her fuzzy head yet.

She wrinkled her nose, smelling...sulfur? That jolted her awake. "Something is on fire!" she cried, sitting up.

And that something was the man next to her?


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Jono's own reaction was to attempt to sit up as well, though there was a sharp clank and a jolt against his wrist that kept that from happening.

He also wanted very much to be able to say something along the lines of, 'What? Where?'

He ran into something of a technical difficulty, there, as well.

The next step came with his eyes properly open as he realized that the fire was very much right on top of him.

Another thing that Jono wanted to add to the list of things he very much wanted to be doing in that moment? Screaming. If he had lungs, he would have been doing a lot of screaming. Trying to swat out the fire with his free hand and finding out first-hand what his own ribs felt like on the inside? Not actually helping with that.

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Raven was doing enough screaming for both of them.

Fortunately, instinct took over, and she scrambled from the bed, grabbing hold of the sheets and blanket that were strewn about the floor. She threw these on top of the burning man's chest and face, trying to smother the flames.

She took a few steps back, hands clamped over her mouth and eyes wide. She should call for help. Where was her phone? Wait -- where was she?


2014-09-06 05:50 pm (UTC) (Link)

And then Jono was under a blanket. Under a blanket, handcuffed in place, and still on fire. Fire that wasn't spreading to the blanket, for that matter. Or even, really, to other parts of him.

And there was something about that that should have freaked him out more, perhaps, if he was any other person in the world. But the person that he was, whoever the hell that was supposed to be, mostly just managed to take stock of all of this and, sounding mostly affronted by the whole state of affairs, find it in him to announce, //Oh, naff off. That isn't even how fire works.//

Mutant powers had just proven illogical. News at six.


2014-09-06 05:56 pm (UTC) (Link)

Raven jumped. The voice hadn't come from the blanket-covered and on-fire man on the bed, or from outside the door, or anywhere else in the room. It was in her head.

"Are..are you all right?" she said. She crept closer to the bed and gingerly lifted the blanket. Nope, still on fire. Despite the fact that the blanket itself had not even a scorch mark on it, she shrieked and dropped the blanket and jumped back again.


2014-09-06 06:02 pm (UTC) (Link)

Unfortunately, the affront really only lasted long enough for that one statement, and then Jono was working on figuring out what the hell was going on. The blanket was now in his lap, and she - whoever she was - was naked as he was and skittering away from him again like a mouse. And really, he didn't much blame her.

He stared down at himself, somewhere between insulted and bewildered, as he tried to figure out what the hell was going on. Why was he handcuffed to a bed in a room he didn't recognize? Why couldn't he speak? Why was he burning and missing large pieces of himself?

Clearly this was the end result of a lot of badly-used drugs. The walls didn't seem to be doing anything untoward, but what else could this be but a dream or a hallucination? There were even voices murmuring inside his head that he knew he wasn't hearing aloud.

//I've gone bloody mad,// he thought, not aware that he was thinking aloud for the girl to hear. //Cuffed to a bed, and I think I'm burning. I've went and gone stark raving mad.//


2014-09-06 06:23 pm (UTC) (Link)

Raven's hands went to her temples. "How are you doing that?" she said. "Are you talking in my head?"

She was more than a little convinced she was going mad herself. She'd woken up with a naked man she'd never seen before handcuffed to the bed, she could hear his voice in her mind, and he was on fire. But it wasn't spreading, and he wasn't writhing in pain, which didn't make any sense.

"Who are you?" she demanded. "What are you doing in my bed? And why are you burning?"


2014-09-06 06:31 pm (UTC) (Link)

Jonothon's brow furrowed.

//Talking in her head, what the hell does she think I am...? I'm not talking at all.// Yes, clearly this train of thought was going to help them both along beautifully. He gave the handcuff another sharp jerk against the headboard, wincing as it bit into his wrist a little. It wasn't unpleasant, really, but it was certainly highlighting the fact that he wasn't going anywhere. //And if this is her bed, who the hell cuffed me to it?//

There was another moment's pause before his eyes went wide again.

//And why the hell haven't I been breathing!?//

Today was a day of discovery and wonder!


2014-09-06 06:41 pm (UTC) (Link)

"I can hear you in my head!" Raven insisted, backing up until her back was against the wall. "You just said 'And why the hell haven't I been breathing.' How can I hear you?"


2014-09-06 06:47 pm (UTC) (Link)

//Well, that's... bloody eerie,// Jono murmured, watching her back away from him with glowing eyes that were set just above the fire. He was pretty bloody eerie in his own right. It was probably for the best that he refused to keep a mirror in his room. //You can hear this?//

This was wrong. This was wrong in so many ways, he had no idea where to start. And the murmurs in his head weren't going away. If anything, they were getting louder and more distressed as the morning wore on.

He moved his free hand to the side of his head and closed his eyes.

//What's going on? I can't remember... I can't remember anything. I certainly don't remember you.// He paused. //Or me. I don't even remember me.//

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Raven's panic began to rise. She didn't remember him or this place, either, and she got a sickening feeling as she realized she didn't remember her own name as well.

What she also didn't remember was how to stop herself from projecting her own emotions, so Jono was getting a nice dose of that panic as well.

"I do not remember either," she said, grabbing for a blanket still on the floor so she could hold it against herself. "What are you? How can you be alive?"


2014-09-06 07:31 pm (UTC) (Link)

//I'm human,// Jono insisted. Though he knew the moment he thought it that he was wrong. That whatever this was, it wasn't human. The word preak drifted through his mind, next, and it was dismissed out of hand. Flatscan, too. The thoughts that were twisting up were feeding on Raven's panic, until everything was just a muddle and a desperate plea of, //Please, tell me I'm human, I'm alive, this is all a... a nightmare. I'm human. I'm alive. Please?//

He lowered his hand from the side of his head, down along the trail of scars across his face.

And then he ran out of face to run his hand over at all.

//Please,// he murmured, trying to push the panic away and suddenly just feeling tired and small. //Please, I'm not a monster... Stop looking at me like I'm a monster...//


2014-09-06 07:51 pm (UTC) (Link)

Even as confused and frightened as she was, Raven still retained her innate sense of compassion. She slowly moved closer to the bed, reaching out a shaking hand. The fire wasn't hot, but she still kept her distance from it as she laid a gentle hand on his arm.

"You are warm," she said. "You are alive." She wasn't sure just how she could know that, but she knew.


2014-09-06 08:05 pm (UTC) (Link)

//... But how?// He didn't change his posture in the least when she touched his arm, didn't uncurl himself from the ball he was in now, arm tethered to the bed. Nothing made sense, and annoyance and confusion and panic was giving way to a heavy sense of dread. //What's going on? Who are you?//

It seemed like a better question than 'Why am I a naked monster chained to a strange bed in a strange room?'

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"I do not know!" Raven said. "I have never seen you before, or this place. But I do not know myself, either."

She looked around, searching for a clue. Nothing seemed familiar at all. She tried to focus on remaining calm and working this through, trying to find a logical explanation. "We were naked in bed together. Perhaps we had too much to drink and...."

No, he obviously couldn't drink. "No, that cannot be it. And you are handcuffed to the bed." For her protection? Then why would she have been naked and snuggled against him? Then a horrifying thought leapt to mind. "Did I...did I take advantage of you?"

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