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The Apartment Above the Groovy Tunes, Saturday Morning
All said, Jono had slept in far worse places than the floor. He'd pulled out enough blankets to make the whole experience not terrible after Rinoa and Squall's arrival last night, and Joni had only trampled him a few times. Which, really, wasn't all that different from what she'd be up to if he'd actually slept on his... bed.

His mattress on the floor. At least with Squall here, he had someone he could shake down to help him move his furniture from the Boards. He'd been putting it off a while, now, mostly because it involved actually going back to the Boards a few more times, but with company staying until they could find a place of their own, he really couldn't put that off much longer.

He'd appreciate that he actually had furniture to haul over soon enough. In the meantime, he was giving his kitchen a despairing look. He'd managed to stock the bare minimum before his company had arrived, which mostly involved milk, bread, cereal, and disposable dishes. He'd let Squall and Rinoa figure out proper groceries between them.

[OOC: Open for them what are staying in the apartment, and any kids that might have a reason to be here, too!]


2014-02-16 02:08 am (UTC) (Link)

This door was one; the Mother was behind this door. Safe? Yes. She couldn't sense any distress.

Pluma ran her hands over the wood. It would splinter easily. But she should at least see if it turned, first. Mother had insisted that she try her hardest not to break things that did not, strictly speaking, need to be broken.

So instead she opened the door and strode into the room. It was filled with children. Loud children. They were making it hard to concentrate.

And Pluma always had to concentrate. Did people have any idea how hard it was to constantly maintain a body through sheer force of will?


2014-02-16 02:13 am (UTC) (Link)

Jono took one look at Pluma.

And then one look at Rinoa.

And then one look at Pluma again.

//Not it.//

This one was so not on him.


2014-02-16 02:20 am (UTC) (Link)

Rinoa had already scrambled to her feet. This girl, coming in, she was powerful. Ridiculously so. It poured off her in waves. This girl had to be a Sorceress. There was no other explanation.

Which meant Jono was absolutely right. This one was hers.

"H- hello?" she managed. That was be a good start. "I mean, hi. Sweetie. How ... how are you?"

Pretend you know the dangerous, unstable-looking Sorceress, Rinoa. Do not upset her with Mommy's odd amnesia.


2014-02-16 02:24 am (UTC) (Link)

For all that Pluma hated the weakness of it, she was always so scared when she got too separated from Mom and Dad. They were safe; the rest of the world wasn't.

And so all of her composure went out the window as she dove forward to embrace Rinoa in a very tight breathless hug.

"Mother," she gasped. Only a heartbeat later, she panicked, as her arms connected with solid back. And nothing else.

"Your wings," she said, her voice becoming agitated. "Your wings aren't there."


2014-02-16 02:30 am (UTC) (Link)

"It's okay," Rinoa said quickly, closing her eyes and concentrating. "It's okay, remember? Mommy doesn't always keep her wings out. They're only out sometimes. She puts them away so she can fit better through doors."

It was easier, now. She could focus, and let just enough magic seep through that the feathers blossomed from her back. It was safely leashed. She was getting better at control, she noted with a small amount of pride.

She wrapped her arms around the girl, and as her wings fell into place, put those around her, too.

Something was stirring a memory. Another little ???girl??? who'd been in a panic at Mommy's missing wings.

".... Pluma?!"


2014-02-16 02:37 am (UTC) (Link)

Pluma sighed, nuzzling in. Her own feathers riffled, reached out to stroke Rinoa's. It was safe. She was home.

"Who are all these people?" she asked, her voice a touch sharp. They were irritating. They made it hard to think, to keep her focus. But she could draw from Mommy and that made it all okay.


2014-02-16 07:57 pm (UTC) (Link)

"Friends," Rinoa said calmly. "They won't hurt you. They're safe."

Pluma seemed inclined to panic; Rinoa's hands were soothing as they rubbed the girl's back. Mommy was here. Mommy would protect.

Strange how instinctive this was.


2014-02-17 01:38 am (UTC) (Link)

Squall facepalmed.

(At least these things didn't happen when the portals were closed.)

He remembered Pluma, and the girl there was clearly a powerful Sorceress. He was going to have to stay away from Rinoa until the weekend was over, wasn't he, so that the island didn't get destroyed? It sucked.