Cold Shoulder
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Room 408, Monday Afternoon
Well. Jonothon's first day of classes had been... Educational.

In Science class, he'd been offered a position as a TA, which had caught him off-guard, really. The people gawping at him when he'd spoken in that Religion class was a little more like what he'd been expecting ever since he'd arrived here, though people seemed to rather consistently take his voice in stride right up until that point.

He was trying damn hard not to dwell on any of it too much. He would have to head into town sometime, to see if they had a music store of some sort. And he needed clothing. He could hardly wear the same outfit for the rest of his time here, and laundry was a particular challenge when you didn't have the option of standing around shirtless, anyhow. He'd have to ask Ben what he knew about the places in town where he could get both or either.

For the time being, he'd settle for flopping backward on his bed and staring up at the ceiling.

Ceilings were bloody boring.

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//From there right down my chest,// Jonothon clarified, smoothing the wrappings over his face again. //Most of the way down to my bloody trousers.//

He wasn't exactly in any hurry to go peeling off his clothes to demonstrate, so he'd just be descriptive. Helpful of him, wasn't it?


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Raven would probably flail if he tried to show her exactly what was flesh and what wasn't.

"Were you telepathic before this happened?" Raven asked. "Or did that gift develop afterward?" She still couldn't believe it didn't hurt to have that fire burning in his chest, and her soul ached with sympathy as she imagined what he must have gone through.


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//It all happened at the same time.// Out for a night on the town. With Gayle.

He would have been gritting his teeth, if he had any.

//Bloody convenient, I blow my ruddy gob off and I still have a way to speak when I'm done.//

That was entirely too bitter.


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Raven certainly felt the bitterness. "I am so sorry," she said. "I can only imagine how terrifying and traumatic that moment must have been. But you have shown great strength and courage to have survived it. I know it must not seem like it now, but a weaker spirit would not have been able to come this far."


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It might have been decidedly less traumatic if he hadn't nearly killed his girlfriend at the time.

... And then run away to leave her to deal with the aftermath.

... To a different continent.

Jonothon, you suck.

//I'm here,// he said, as if that was somehow all that he really needed to be right then. //I'll figure out the rest as I go along. There aren't exactly many other options worth taking into consideration, gel.//


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"Will you let me try to help you with my gifts?" Raven said. She really had no idea if she could do anything, since she'd never encountered anyone like Jonothon before, but she had to make the attempt.


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//I don't suppose I might have some time to think about it?//

It just... It seemed too easy. Nothing was that easy. And he hardly knew this girl. And right about now, he actually quite wanted to be sick.

Except he couldn't.


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"Of course," Raven said. "I understand. You do not know me or what my abilities are, and coupled with being in a new place surrounded by strangers, this must be overwhelming. I apologize if I have pushed you too hard. What I am compels me to offer my aid. I truly only wish to help you."


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//I... appreciate that.// And Jono did, to some degree. Except that the degree to which he was kind of weirded out by this whole conversation was a little more extreme right now.

She was absolutely right about that overwhelming part. For as much as he wanted to be whole again...

//Yer've given yer offer. I might even... take you up on that. Sometime.// Just not right now. Not while his head was still spinning and he didn't know who was who or which way was up. //Thanks.//


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"I cannot say for certain I would be successful, for I have never tried to aid someone with your condition," Raven said. "But as I said, I must make the attempt, or offer such." She rose to her feet and reached out to try to lay a gentle hand on Jonothon's shoulder. "Be well, Jonothon," she said. "Whatever your decision, should you ever have need of my assistance, I will be happy to help you."


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Jonothon didn't mean to tense quite so much as he just did, there. He didn't move away from the hand on his shoulder, but he was still in that weird place where he didn't go about getting so close to people without a good reason behind it, just yet.

Relax, Jono. You're not going to accidentally blow anybody up, here.

Very good.

//We'll talk again about this, I'm certain, gel. I am thinking about it. I know the offer's been made.//


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Raven did not let her touch linger when she felt him tense; she withdrew her hand, but gave Jono a small smile. "I will see you in class Monday then, if not sooner," she said.


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//Whichever comes first,// Jonothon agreed, nodding. And then, as an afterthought, //Thanks.//

For one of a multitude of things, perhaps. For the offer. For actually bothering hunting him down for this at all. For not screaming when he'd pulled the wrapping aside like that.

That sort of thing.


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"You are welcome," she said, still with the gentle smile. She couldn't help but try to project a sense of reassurance at him before she turned and left the room.