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Mayo County, Ireland, Friday Evening
If there was one thing that Jonothon Starsmore, the mutant known as Chamber, could tell you about his visit to the site of Cassidy Keep in the heart of Mayo County, Ireland, it was that the ancient landmark, Sean Cassidy's ancestral castle, was really nothing to write home about.

Possibly because it wasn't there.

Oh, sure, you could tell easily enough where it used to be, that was simply a matter of locating the massive crater in the ground where the castle's foundation used to rest. But if you were to ask Jonothon how tall the building was, if it had a moat or a drawbridge or any of that fancy bullshite that ancient castles had in all of the movies, he wouldn't have been able to tell you.

All that there was left was a hole. A hole, seeping with wisps of an eerie grey mist.

And, of course, the members of the mutant team known as Generation X. And a bunch of government investigators. Naturally the government had to stick their noses in when something the size of an Irish castle just up and vanished overnight.

Everett Thomas, one of Jonothon's teammates, seemed to take a special interest in the mists, blathering on about how he could see elves in it, and knights from another world hunting them down. Jono couldn't see any of that, but he certainly sensed that something was quite amiss, especially as Everett stepped forward to run his fingers through the dense fog.


As if anybody ever listened to Jonothon. Honestly now, you'd think that when a being made of almost pure psionic energy told you to keep your hands to yourself and not touch the mist that was showing you visions of bleedin' elf slaughter...

Naturally, something bad happened.

Why would the universe choose to cut them any slack now?

"Banshee?! Ms. Frost?! Anybody?" Everett was more than a tiny bit alarmed, yes. "I touched this mist and - Oh, God! - my whole body is disappearing?!"

//Tried t'warn ya, Sunshine!// Without a second's thought, Chamber followed his teammate into the heart of the unknown, throwing himself at the mist as Everett faded away. //Jubilee... My body being... pulled from... here to... there.//

Being dragged into another reality by a sentient mist had a funny way of making you speak like William Shatner.

And when the mist faded, and Chamber managed to get a grasp on his bearings once again, what he saw wasn't Everett Thomas. It wasn't little elves being decimated by an army of knights at all.

He was standing in an airport, a Portalocity ticket in one hand, and a class schedule and a pamphlet for a school called Fandom High in the other.

//... Bloody marvelous.//

[[NFI! NFB! Etc! Part three of three, once again ganked (mostly) from the pages of Generation X issue 8. OOC still welcome, of course. Eeeee, so excited for Newbie Day!]]