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Massachusetts Academy, Thursday Evening
Never let it be said that Jonothon Starsmore had ever turned up an opportunity for some well-deserved sulking.

Tonight's opportunity was grabbed onto with a gusto as he crouched down in the remains of the girls' dormitory, thinking sullen, sullen thoughts to himself. He figured they were entirely justified, damn it anyhow.

'What a regular class act I turned out to be,' he silently moped, his eyes scanning over the rubble. 'Plannin' a career in saving the world, and I get all spooked when some chippy tries t'kiss me.'

Such thoughts were not uncommon for Jono. Sadly. It had been fortunate that Paige had used her mutant power to protect herself at the last moment as his power surged forth from the gaping hole in his chest and the building had gone crashing down around them. It was less fortunate that Jono was so damned jumpy as a result, and when he heard someone approaching and tore the bandages from his face, shouting threats into the heads of anyone close enough to hear, he was both relieved and dismayed to see that it was Paige who had come out to see him.

Oh. Right. Apologize, Starsmore, and put on the wrappings again.

//Sorry Sunshine,// he attempted as he turned his back to her and worked on covering up the mess that was his face, //I'm a bit off me beam.//

"S'okay, Jono," Paige said, looking maddeningly adorable in her cutoff jean shorts and a pink shirt that was entirely too large on her, "after what Ah- what I did last night, I wouldn't blame you for wanting to clean my clock. After I tried to kiss you and all.."

//Forget it.// The benefit of the doubt. Yes. That was a nice, diplomatic way to deal with this. //Yer was frightened after yer learned about the Legacy Virus wot kills mutants. People do dumb things when they're scared.//

Like try to kiss people who don't have mouths. That was pretty dumb.

"True." Paige hesitated for a moment, and then added, on a whim, "And Jono...? Thank you."


"For taking the heat," she replied. "For not telling the other kids or Ms. Frost how this happened. I'd have died of embarrassment if..." She bit her lip. "I mean, if..."

//Yeah, luv.// Jono looked at her for a moment, and then shook his head and turned to head back toward the inside of a building that he hadn't flattened recently. He didn't want to give her the opportunity to protest. //I could see how showin' interest in a monster like me would be embarrassing.//

And when he did come inside, it was just in time to hear Mr. Cassidy, who was talking on the phone, exclaim in something of a shocked state that his family castle had just up and disappeared.

At least Jubilee was happy. Road trip.

Ruddy hell, a guy just couldn't catch a break around this place, could he?

[Part two of three, yes. NFB, NFI, Establishy, blah blah emo emo, the whole thing was once again lifted right off the pages of Generation X issue #7, but OOC comments are still love and pie. Because I'm greedy.]


2009-08-28 12:36 am (UTC) (Link)

[You make me regret getting rid of my Generation X comics!]


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[[Mwahaha! That was totally the goal!]]