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Massachusetts Academy, Thursday Morning, Fandom Time
Jonothon was silent as he looked out the window of the dormitory building at the Massachusetts Academy, crowded on all sides by other young mutants, all dressed up in their new Academy uniform blazers and neckties, staring down at the scene below them.

None of them were particularly happy about what they were seeing. Sure, Monet thought that it had possibilities, but Jono found that Angelo and Jubilee summed it up nicely enough between them, with Angelo announcing that this sucked, and Lee pointing out that the new situation meant that they were going to have to hide what they were. In their own home.

The school's door had been opened to human kids.

Very rich human kids.

And why was that? That was because Emma had somehow managed to screw up in the stocks, or some such thing, and she ended up going to Adrienne, of all people, for financial assistance.

Lovely. This was an excellent solution to all their troubles. Good show.

Angelo was right. This sucked.

[OOC: NFB for distance, obvs. Open if anyone wants to fling an e-mail Jono's way, though. Puttering through the superhero fluff that is the last 20 or so issues of GenX, now. Good times, good times.]