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Room 408, Thursday Late Afternoon
It hadn't been as bad a week as Jonothon had anticipated, being back to the grind with classes and all. Sure, there had been a ridiculous number of sunshiney, happy things on Sunday in the library. And he'd kind of lapsed into talk of graduation and what was to come after it while speaking with Raven, which had been... kind of troubling. Yesterday had been alright. Today had been ridiculously quiet thus far. But his week overall? Not terrible.

Which, in Jonothon-ese, meant that it was about as good as could be expected, really.

For the time being, he had a kitten to distract himself with, and he was doing so by flicking guitar picks across the room and letting her chase them down. What he hadn't been expecting was the hiss and yowl combo as Joni chased one under the bed. What he'd been expecting even less was the green thing, full of pointed teeth and frothing a little at the mouth, that had launched itself at him and buried those nasty teeth of its right up to the gums in his hand when he'd gone to investigate.

But he'd only really worried about that for a few moments, of course, before the venom kicked in.

//Oh, what an adorable pretty little kitty!!//

Joni was suddenly regretting not hanging out under the bed with the gremlin and just being besties.